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We welcome you to join TETA's new Teacher Affiliate program.  The dues will be $20 per year and in return there will be benefits of membership that will outweigh that cost.  The first benefit is an individual Premium membership with Kyte Learning for you for the year.  Early registration for TETA ITA's will also be provided to Affilitate members. This will be our dedicated website for our TETA Affiliate members along with an email list serve, forums, and blogs available.  You will be sent a membership tag to add to your email signature if you would like.  More benefits of membership will be coming soon.

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The Benefits of Membership

Becoming a member of the new TETA Teacher Affiliate will allow you to network with other teachers who use technology as a tool for learning in their classroom instruction.  With this membership, you will be able to communicate with other TETA Teacher Affiliate members through a list serve, blogs, forums, informative articles posted to the Members Only side of this website.  In addition to these benefits, all members will have access, free of charge to Kyte Learning Platform.  You will be able to use the tools, lesson plans, and tutorials to learn more about the tools and benefits of using technology in your classroom.  TETA Teacher Affilitate members will receive notification to sign up for Regional ITA's (Instructional Technology Academy) workshops for teachers, held annually in each region of the State.  Other benefits will be added during the year.

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What is TETA?

The Tennessee Educational Technology Association (TETA), an International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) affiliate, is a non-profit organization comprised of professionals committed to promoting the use of educational technology in the classrooms throughout the state.  Our membership primarily consists of K-12 educators but we are very proud of the many corporate partners and higher education members who join us in our mission to transform the teaching and learning process in order to advance student achievement.  Our purposes include: to share and exchange ideas, materials, and procedures; to promote the effective use of information, communication, and technology; to encourage the appropriate use of technology for the improvement of educational management; to promote professional standards in the field of educational technology; and to communicate current research relating to educational technology.